Laura Bernardi
CIES Onlus, Italy
cies@cies.it, l.bernardi@cies.it

Valentina Di Odoardo
CIES Onlus, Italy

Keywords: Training, awareness raising, face to face and online discrimination, non formal and interactive methodologies, intercultural, immigration, diversity, racism, homophobia, gender-based discrimination, self-reflection, action

The training took place in Rome and involved two groups of two secondary schools’ students through a workshop based on non formal and interactive methodologies. The workshop was aimed at encouraging young people to self-reflection and action in relation to racism and discrimination in their real-life and virtual environments in order to enable them to become informed, aware and active citizens. Discrimination categories chosen by participants included racism, gender-based discrimination and homophobia. We worked in two very different city contexts, a suburban and a central area with considerably uneven target having different levels of consciousness and awareness with respect to the subject matter. Despite the difficulties, at the end of the training we found a surprising change of attitude even in those young people who appeared to be the most difficult to engage. That is proved by the products realized by them, which witness the overcoming of stereotypes and prejudices that initially appeared to be strongly rooted in them.

Carlos Alberto Fernandez Rentamozo, a training participant from Liceo Scientifico “C. Cavour”, will tell about its own experience. Two AV products realized by some of the participants will be shown (one from “C. Cavour” school and one from “Pertini-Falcone” school).