me, you, us and them (identity, self-disclosure and subtle discrimination)

Denise Stanley

Collage Arts, UK

Oral Presentation

Keywords: Young People, Identity, Self-disclosure, Subtle-discrimination

The presentation articulates the exploratory process undertaken with groups of young people at Collage Arts as part of the ICUD project. It identifies the non-formal approach and experiential learning that is typical of the work at Collage. It presents the key stages in the process ICUD1-ME: an exploration of identity and the different aspects of myself that I choose to name (beyond obvious or stereotypical labels); ICUD2-YOU: a dialogue with you in which we share images, thoughts and ideas; ICUD3-US: learning to take responsibility for self-disclosure in physical peer-groups and how this compares with doing the same in virtual peer-groups online; ICUD4-THEM: raising awareness of hidden or subtle discrimination and how this affects or might affect other people or ourselves and our loved ones. Approaching this creatively by developing strategies to identify and respectfully challenge these discriminatory posts, including the use of texts, t-shirts, music and by training peer leaders to educate their younger peers. The presentation highlights some of the input from young people through facilitated discussions and ends with one of the suggested responses to hidden discrimination.