Understanding & fighting discrimination for community development

Georgiana Cune, Laura Oanca, Radu Racareanu
PACT Foundation, Bucharest, Romania

Keywords: workshops, youths, equality, LGBT

During the first year of the ICUD project, PACT Foundation focused on working with young people from small towns and rural areas in Romania, where the topic of discrimination is considered to be of little importance, and the online activity of young people is reduced when compared to that of young people in large cities.

While Romania has currently a well-developed anti-discrimination legislation, it is a low priority topic on the public and political agenda, which leads to the paradox that discrimination is widely-spread among Romanians, especially against LGBT, Roma ethnics and HIV-positive persons.

Young people play a crucial role in combating discrimination in society as long as projects addressed at them go beyond the just politically-correct discourse and find new ways to involve them in the fight against discrimination. More about our results and findings will be presented in Barcelona at the conference :) !